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Same-Day Denture Repairs, Relines and Maintenance in Cowichan Valley

Custom crafted in our onsite laboratory, dentures can be created and adjusted by our team, allowing us to provide same-day service for relines repairs, rebase, and maintenance.

What Is Relining?

When your denture doesn’t seem to be fitting as well as it used to and it starts to get loose, the movement can make the denture hard to use. If there is constant rubbing of the dentures, this can cause sore spots and discomfort. We can restore the fit of your dentures with a reline.


Relines are implemented to fill in the space between the denture and your gums when they shrink.


A reline will give you a more stabilized and better fit of the denture.


It is recommended to reline your dentures every two years, and most Insurance or seniors plans cover them every two years.


Relines are finished the same day, impressions in the morning and your relined newly fitted dentures are ready late afternoon.


A denture rebase occurs for the same reason as relining – your mouth tissues have shrunk, meaning that your dentures are loose and uncomfortable. If the teeth' conduction is not worn but is changed by the alignment of them, a rebase is required. Instead of just adding to your dentures' "gum" area, we'll fashion a new acrylic base to correct and improve the teeth' alignment for greater comfort and proper function.

A rebate will not replace lost facial dimensions but will improve comfort function and reduce sores in the mouth.


The rebase generally takes two days to complete.


People who wear dentures daily occasionally experience a broken denture or a chipped tooth caused by various reasons. Such as age of denture, eating hard foods, accidentally falling on hard surfaces or even damage caused by pets. We understate the importance of you being able to resume your daily activities. For that reason, Divine Denture Centre can professionally reconstruct the denture back to its wearable state the same day.

Denture Maintenance

Oral health care is connected to your overall health. Experiencing denture pain or difficulty with your dentures can be stressful. Divine Denture Centre is here to help you, so your dentures are as divine as you.

Why Denture Checkups?

Regular checkups are necessary because mouth shape changes over time, causing denture discomfort. At your appointment, we will:


Examine your mouth, jaw and neck
Assess tissue and bone
Check the stability of your denture in your mouth
Clean your denture, if necessary

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