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Soft Liners Keep Dentures Cushioned for Comfort

We can help you when your mandibular lower denture is loose, your supporting ridge is resorbed, and your lower denture is constantly causing sores—adding a permanent soft-liner to cushion your denture could be your solution.


A soft liner is a soft, pliable material fitted between your denture surface and your oral tissue. The Resilient soft-liner acts like a shock absorber, giving you the cushioned comfort you desire.

Dental technician or prosthesis worker. prosthetic dentistry process

Sensitive Gums? Get Soft Liners

These liners provide comfort and relief for individuals with:


*  Flat resorbed ridges

*  Gums with thin tissues

*  Large or small bone protrusions on mandible ridge

*  Chronically recurring sores on mandible ridges


Soft-liners improve your lower denture's comfort levels, lasting for several years at a time, but it is recommended to be relined every 2-3 years to maintain the lower ridge's fit and comfort.

Surgical Dentures

A surgical denture is a prosthetic appliance placed in the mouth at the time of your teeth extractions. The appliance may replace single, multiple or all your teeth. 

The surgical denture will prevent excess swelling, bleeding and infection, which are complications associated with dental extractions. The benefits of a surgical denture are that it allows you to carry on both business and social obligations with minimal interruption.


Surgical dentures are a work in progress/temporary solution. At the same time, healing occurs, and further adjustment fitting appointments will be required. There is no way of avoiding them, as changes will occur drastically to your jaw structure.


At Divine Dentures Centre, we understand that the transition into dentures can be a big and intimidating endeavour. Keeping that in mind, we make every effort to minimize your transition by providing adjustments and temporary linings helping your fit, function and comfort. All this care is included in the initial denture cost.


Divine Denture Centre, Servicing the Cowichan Valley

Divine Denture Centre can help you with proper home care and regular checkups required to ensure an appropriate fit for your dentures and maintain oral health care.

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