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Dentures Supported by Implants and Immediate Dentures

Voila! No more adhesives!


Implant-retained dentures are the highest level of stability. They are the closest you’ll ever come to having your natural teeth back. Standard dentures are unsecured prostheses with inherent limitations. Most often, dentures are painful, inconvenient and unstable. Such dentures can make chewing foods difficult, limiting the foods that you once enjoyed. Modern dentistry can help with implant-supported dentures. The Implant Supported Overdenture won’t lift, shift or slide. You can feel secure and confident knowing that your teeth will stay precisely where they belong.


A dental implant is a titanium screw placed into the upper or lower jaw that mimics the root of a natural tooth. It helps maintain bone mass. After the bone and the implant body integrates into one cohesive member, it will provide a secure and reliable anchor on which your new dentures will be placed.


There are many benefits associated with implant-retained dentures, including:


Rigid durability
Increased bite force allowing for chewing tough foods such as apples and meats
Prevents additional ridge resorption
Allows you to eat virtually anything
Restores confidence in knowing that your dentures aren’t at risk of falling out in public
Provides unsurpassed retention
Limited sore spots on your gums

Our office works closely with some amazing oral surgeons on Vancouver Island and we are absolutely sure your treatment will be a success.


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Implants can last a lifetime. Implant-supported dentures can be attractive, stable, and comfortable for almost any patient.


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