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Divine Denture Centre in Cobble Hill Offers Denture Maintenance

Here at Divine Denture Centre, we care about your denture needs and your personal goals. When acquiring dentures, they are customized to fit your anatomy, so you're able to chew, speak and smile with ease; these qualities will change as time progresses. The bone density inevitably varies, and teeth wear-down issues can arise with your dentures. Annual visits will enable us to assess your bite and fit and any concerns you may have with your dentures, then we can recommend any services that may be necessary, so you feel confident and happy with your dentures.

Signs That You Need New Dentures

Of course, having your dentures cleaned and checked regularly will help them last longer, but if you start to recognize any of the following symptoms, it may be a sign that you’ll need to make an appointment to visit your denturist:


Oral sores, tissue irritations
Difficulty chewing
Speech pattern changes
Ill fit or denture slippage
Facial shape changes
Broken teeth or dentures
Stains or persistent odors
Headaches, earaches, or neck pain
Chips or cracks

Professional Denture Cleaning

Dentures should be cleaned professionally every six months. Our helpful staff would be pleased to assist you in maintaining your dentures properly. Sometimes a build-up of plaque or tartar can occur on dentures just as it would your natural teeth. As with your teeth, you will not be able to remove this by yourself and eventually, it will make the denture uncomfortable and unsightly. Our team will remove this along with any stains. We then restore the polish to the denture to help prevent future tartar and bacteria build-up, along with giving you your bright, sparkling smile back.  

Why Denture Check-ups

Examinations can help detect oral abnormalities, poorly fitting dentures that can lead to bite problems, speech impediments, tissue irritations and poor jaw ailment, increased bone resorption or harm to surrounding tissues or teeth.

Make an Appointment

Improving your dentures' function and fit will make a significant impact on the quality of your life. Please make an appointment today or visit our clinic, Divine Denture Centre, so we can help you on your way to smile with total confidence.

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